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HEDIS Measure- Controlling High Blood Pressure

Definition: The percentage of patients that are ages 18 to 85 years old, who have had a diagnosis of hypertension (HTN) and whose blood pressure was adequately controlled (<140/90 mm Hg) during the measurement period.

What is Accepted:

DOCUMENT YOUR EFFORTS! Blood pressure and DX of HTN (high blood pressure).

DX code:  I10

Medical Billing and coding:

Code Description
3077F Systolic is greater than/ equals to 140
3074F, 3075F Systolic is less than 140
3080F Diastolic is greater than/equal to 90
3079F Diastolic 80-89
3078F Diastolic less than 80
93784,93788,93790,99091,99453,99454,99457 Remote  Blood Pressure Monitoring codes
98966, 98967,98968,99441,99442,99443 Telephone visits
95, GT      Telemedicine Modifiers/ POS 02 (place of service)

Patients that have BP adequately controlled include:

+Patients 18 to 85 years old who had a diagnosis of HTN and whose BP was adequately controlled during the measuring period

+ Patients who had a most recent BP reading during the measurement period year or had a BP measurement after the second diagnosis of HTN.

If no BP is recorded during the measuring period year, than it is assumed that BP is not controlled.


1. Patients with ESRD

2. Patients with Nephrectomy or Kidney transplant

3.Pregnant patient

4.Nonacute inpatient stay

5. Patients aged 66 to 80 years old with frailty and advanced illness

6. Patients 81 years old and above with frailty

What is not accepted in this measure:

– If BP was taken on same day as a diagnostic test or procedure  was done or for a change of diet or medication regiment

– If BP was taken a day before or on the same day of any test or procedure

– BP taken during an acute inpatient stay or at the emergency department.

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Allscripts bought Practice Fusion EHR?

Let me just start with saying that in the past 2 years Practice Fusion has improved significantly, From evolving their MIPS/MU reporting and dashboard to, as of October 2017, on becoming the CMS recognized Reporting Registry.

So, I was completely blindsided when I found out, from one of my single-provider clients, that Allscripts bought out Practice Fusion on January 8, 2018 for $100 million cash “monay”. LOL


To add more to this news the client also stated she has received an email from Allscripts with the new monthly subscription plan for using her PF EHR. What is the price? Well in her case – $500 for 1 provider per month. This is devastating news for this single-provider office. Considering that small practice office like hers does not have the high revenue in comparison to a mid size or big group, it will become a financial burden.

She is now considering other alternatives, which honestly is hard to find, since not all EHR/EMR’s out there in the market, are 2014 or 2015 Certified EHRs.

Now it’s your turn: is your practice using Practice Fusion? Will Allscripts buying PF affect the revenue in your practice?

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CMS 126v4 measure- for year 2017

This is the first post in my “In The KNOW series”

In this episode we look at the  CMS 126v4 measure- Use of Appropriate Medications for Asthma for the Attestation year Р2017 for eligible EPs.

As per CMS FINAL Rule in October 2016- this above measure has been permanently  removed from the 2017 MIPS reporting. This decision was made based on high performance numbers and resulting minimal variation in care.