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Service Name DescriptionPriceHow to Order
Benefits/Reimbursement Policy Investigation ServicesProblems with denials? Prevent them with my Benefits/Reimbursement Policy Investigation Services.

What is Benefits/Reimbursement Policy Investigation Services-
An in-detail breakdown of medical benefits and reimbursement policies (various specialties), for your patients.  

What is included?
A detailed report of the benefits/reimbursement policies, for your patients. Avoid costly mistakes and denials by knowing what type benefits your patients have and which procedures are covered. This report also includes current medical billing and coding guidance for the specified/requested benefits.
Case by Case Basis: Varies by Specialty.
Please contact me
via email:
kr2medicalbilling to inquire
about pricing.
Private Live Medical Billing and Coding Training Sessions Who is this Training Session good for?
-Office Staff- do you have a new hire or do you need to train your staff on current medical coding and medical billing guidelines? Then this training/Live Webinar Session is for you!
-Any certified individual that is in need of refreshing their skills and stay current on the medical billing and medical coding guidelines.

Some Training Topics Include:
-Benefits Investigation
-Prior Authorization-specialty medications/drugs
-Denial Management
-Breakdown of current Medical Billing and Coding Guidelines (various specialties)

Whether you work from home or in the office, have a convenient access to the most current medical billing and coding guideline information at your fingertips.
$45 per hour Please click here to REGISTER!
If you would like to
register for multiple
sessions and receive
the discount, please contact me via email:
with Subject line: Multiple Training Sessions Sign up. You will receive a registration form where you will be able to register and pick your session times, based on your availability.
On-Demand Training/WebinarsOn-demand Webinar Training for various topics. Please visit my On-Demand page to see all the webinars that are available to pre-register for.
Access is given for 1 year.

What is included?
1-hour on demand webinar with current medical billing and coding supporting PDF reference materials
(Access for 1 year)

Please visit my On-demand webinars page to register.

If you have any questions regarding speaking/presentations/web conferences or training, please email me at
Consulting 1. Per hour rates-
If you are looking for a limited consulting services (short term)

2. Per project-
Includes a detailed reports with a breakdown of the most current medical billing and coding guidelines, reimbursement/medical policies, etc.
This services is available for anyone in healthcare field. (including medical billing companies)
Per hour rate: (short term)
1-Hour (Zoom/Google Meets) sessions are available.
Price per online Session: $45 per hour

Per project (long term):
Please contact me via email to discuss the project.
Please contact me via email:
Subject line: Consulting Request. After sending an email you will receive a response 24 hours after.
Speaking LIVE Virtual Speaking Engagements for AAPC (Local Chapters), AHIMA (local Chapters), AMBAN/APlease click on the link below to fill out the request form. Note: in order to accommodate every request, please book at least 2 months in advance. Thank you! Click here to fill out a request form.

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