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Aetna puts Cataract Surgery on National Precertification List 07/01/21

Effective July 1, 2021, Cataract Surgery will require a prior authorization and will be placed on the National Precertification List. (NPL)

Please see the list of related codes below:

In order to request an authorization, providers have several options:

Use AETNA provider portal on Availity® to request precertification electronically. You’ll also give us the necessary clinical information. It’s a simple two-step process:
• Submit* your authorization request on Availity using the
“Authorization (Precertification) Add” transaction.
• Then, complete a short questionnaire, exclusively on
Availity, to provide us with additional clinical information. You can register for Availity on their website. Aetna also offers training on how to use Availity to submit precertification requests
for cataract surgeries electronically. Visit for a schedule and to register for the “Authorizations on Availity” webinar.

Phone requests are only allowed in certain states: Georgia and Florida for MEDICARE PATIENTS.

Georgia Medicare only (MEHMO and MEPPO), contact iCare
at 1-844-210-7444
• Florida Medicare only (MEHMO and MEPOS), contact iCare at

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