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UHC Commercial and Oxford updated policy for Eucrisa® (crisaborole)

Eucrisa® (crisaborole) coverage has gone through changes in the past 2 years.

In this episode we will cover only the coverage for UHC Commercial + Oxford policies

Things to take in consideration:

  1. Eucrisa® (crisaborole) is part of Pharmacy Benefit for UHC Commercial + Oxford policies.
  2.  It is a Step Therapy
  3. Policy was created in 07/2017 and Updated with no changes on 07/2018
  4. Effective Date is 10/01/2018
  5. Authorization is given for 12 months
  6. If the patient had samples of Eucrisa prior to the provider initiating Prior approval, that patient still needs to meet the Step Therapy requirement

Please look below for reference: