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Confusion about time…Russian versus English

Although I was born in Ukraine and came here when I was 12 years old, I did forget a lot of the language:Russian. Plus years of not practicing did not help. So I signed myself up for a course that is thought by a native Russian speaker,Prof. Bolgova. This class is great on multiple levels and always keeps everyone entertained and informed. 

And again this past Thursday, in my Russian class, we stumbled yet again on another discussion about the differences between English and Russian languages and the usage of different words/verbs/expressions to demonstrate the time frame, when translating from one language into the other.

Interestingly enough, Russian is very simple compare to English. In Russian language it is clear when a person is doing something or have done something or has finished something-present and past. If you have started something yesterday and you are still doing it and somebody asks you about it today-the person just answers with a present verb. In comparison- the same situation calls for a different response from an English speaking person, depending on the situation. LOL 

Confusing?! Yeah! No such answers as: have been doing, still working on it, have not finished it, have read it, etc. In Russian it is: я закончил/а, он ещё играет, они читали, etc.

I absolutely was amazed by this. Now it was so much clearer and has helped me to better my translations and interpreting. 🙂 I have struggled for perfection for too long! LOL But now fortunately I was able to apply what I have relearned from my Russian course in the real world! 

This just proves that there is a lesson in everything that you encounter everyday! You just can to choose to either use it or not. 



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