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Aetna Better Health of Louisiana- Pain Management Program Update

According to their update published in August 2020, the following changes are going to take place.

Effective 09/15/2020, Aetna Better Health of Louisiana will no longer use eviCore to process their prior authorizations for Pain Management. Instead the Authorization requests will be processed directly by the Aetna Better Health of Louisiana.

Below is the partial list of those codes (except those with * or **)

 * — no prior authorization required

 ** — no prior authorization required, effective 9/1/2020

Please click here to visit the COMPLETE LIST OF THE CODES. (link)

P062010 Pain Management Program Changes

There are several options to request an authorization:

  • use ABHLA’s 24/7 Secure Provider Web Portal.
  • fax the request to 1-844-227-9205, using the Prior Authorization Form. Use a cover sheet with the practice’s correct phone and fax numbers to safeguard the member’s protected health information and to facilitate processing.
  • call our toll-free number: 1-855-242-0802

Reimbursement “Please note that providers may see reimbursement impacted if not aligned to the Louisiana Department of Health’s Medicaid services manual within 30 days of the date of this notification.”

Additional Information:

Questions and Support:
For questions, please contact or call 1-855-242-0802 and follow the prompts



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