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MVP (NY/VT) & Reimbursement Policy for 95165 (Allergen Serum Preparation), 01/01/2021

According the MVP Provider Manual, effective 01/01/2021 MVP (Vermont and NY) will only reimburse for the following units (specify quantity):

First Year:

Max # of units per claim/DOS is 40

Max # of units per calendar year is 150

Subsequent Years:

Max # of units per claims/DOS is 30

Max# of units per calendar year is 30

This is a BIG CHANGE from the previous reimbursement quantities. As recent as July 1,2020- MVP used to reimburse for 150 units for the first year and 120 units for the subsequent years.

Please see below: JULY 01/2020 version

January 1/2021 version:

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