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MVP-Vermont Providers: Audio-only (telehealth) code reimbursement changes 2022

This blog applies to providers that accept MVP members and practice in Vermont.

This blog post addresses AUDIO ONLY CODES!

Effective 01/01/2022- Providers can continue to bill audio only codes, using telephone-only evaluation and management codes: 99441, 99442, 99443. These codes do not require a modifier.

However, the audio only codes that are EQUIVALENT to IN-Person visit, using audio-only must be billed with:

1.Modifier V3 – in-person services AND

2. Place of Service has to be 99 (OTHER)

Reimbursement Changes effective 03/01/2022:

1.Claims for in-person covered services performed via audio-only will be allowed at 75% of the medical provider contracted rate.

2.Behavioral Health Providers billing codes for in person covered services performed via audio[1]only will be reimbursed as outlined in their contract.

PLEASE NOTE: Other telehealth services should be provided in accordance with and billed following the guidelines outlined in the MVP Telehealth Payment Policy.

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