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HEDIS Measure: Weight Assessment and Counseling for Nutrition and Physical Activity for Children/Adolescents (WCC)

HEDIS is always a hot topic of discussion. In this blog post we will discuss the HEDIS measure WCC or Weight Assessment and Counseling for Nutrition and Physical Activity for Children/Adolescents.

Background/Research Data:

The research analyzed doctor visits pre-pandemic then during the pandemic period and the increases were dramatic. Overall obesity increased from 13.7% to 15.4%. Increases observed ranged from 1% in children aged 13 to 17 years to 2.6% for those aged 5 to 9 years.

The purpose of this HEDIS Measure:

This HEDIS measure looks at the percentage of patients between the 3-17 years of age, who had an outpatient visit with a PCP or OB/GYN and have documented evidence for all the following during the measurement year:

  • Body mass index (BMI) percentile (percentage, not value)
  • Counseling for nutrition
  • Counseling for physical activity

This HEDIS Measure (WCC) requires the following documentation:

  • When counseling for nutrition, document current nutritional behavior, such as meal patterns, eating and diet habits, and weight counseling.
  • When counseling for physical activity, document current physical activity behavior, such as exercise routine, participation in sports activities, bike riding and play groups.
  • Handouts about nutrition and physical activity also count toward meeting this HEDIS measure when documented in the member’s health record.

Telehealth, virtual check-in, and telephone visits all meet the criteria for nutrition and physical activity counseling. Counseling does not need to take place only during a well-visit, WCC can also be completed during sick visits. Documenting guidance in your patient’s records is key.

Proper Coding and Billing:

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